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Includes multiple Attachment rings that can fit any of the following Camera Brands and many more not listed here:

Canon | Casio | Cobra | Epson | Hitachi | Jenoptik | Kodak | Largan | Leica | Maxell | Minox | Nikon | Olympus | Panasonic | Pentax | Polaroid | Praktica | Premier | Ricoh | Rollei | Samsung | Sanyo | Sony

Ok picture junkies, the time has come. It is time to figure out what in the heck you are going to do about your camera-carrying problem. You know what I’m talking about. Everywhere you go, you take your camera. But how do you hold onto it? How do you grab it quickly and conveniently so you can take that awesome picture? A camera shoulder harness, that’s how.


I’m not talking about a carrying case. I’m talking about a camera body harness. Camera harnesses will give you everything you need in one. Think about what you need when it comes to transporting your camera?


You will need it to be:

·Safely carried

·Securely fastened

·Easily accessible




These adjectives are not too much to expect for a quality slr camera harness. Your first concern should be the safety for both you and your equipment. After all, you don’t want your device swinging to and fro as you’re camera harness hiking. It could bash you in the face, and well, that just can’t happen. And it won’t happen with a camera harness.


Next is to ensure that it is securely fastened. Obviously, that falls into what I was talking about before, but more-so geared toward protecting your equipment so it won’t easily swing out of its straps. After all, it only takes one unfortunate incident of dropping the beloved camera to realize that you definitely need a camera harness. Hopefully, you won’t wait until that unfortunate incident occurs first before making the right choice.


camera chest harness camera harness straps




Easily accessible is one that many forget. The standard cases that you can get that clip the your belt or slip into your purse are all fine and dandy – except that they are not at all easily accessible. Usually there is velcro, zipping, unsnapping and fumbling that goes along with a regular case. Instead, if you have a camera harness strap that fits right on your chest so that it is right there and ready for action, you will not miss another Kodak moment again.


Inexpensive is key. You don’t need to remind me that we are living in an economy where money is tight. And a camera harness is probably not the first priority on your ever-growing list. Nor is it mine, but a small investment in a binocular camera harness can really save you hundreds because it can ensure that you protect your equipment. Many camera harness options are about $30-$45. Anything less is a good deal.


Also, quality is key. A good deal won’t matter if it keeps on breaking. Don’t settle for any camera chest harness that isn’t guaranteed. Good luck!


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